It’s a privilege to offer you the opportunity to honour your loved one with memorial services at sea.  We are pleased to collaborate with our friend and colleague, celebrant Di Kleinert to provide this unique service. 

A funeral is an event that emphasises and acknowledges life. It is also a historical event that should be shared in the environment and manner in which the loved one treasured most.  Moonraker provides the perfect opportunity to farewell your loved one, with a thoughtful and meaningful service onboard and scatter their ashes at sea.

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a memorial is knowing where to begin. There are many decisions required when arranging a funeral. Di will guide you through this process, acknowledging the deep feelings that you are experiencing, but in a place, you feel safe to express these feelings. Di will create a memorial ceremony which reflects the deceased’s unique nature and the influence that he or she had on the lives of others.

If you would like to speak with Di or book a memorial, please phone 0417 156 882