Here at Moonraker maintaining the environment that we live and work in is our highest priority.

‘Advanced’ Eco Certification via Eco Tourism Australia

Moonraker Dolphin Swims has maintained Australia’s highest level of eco certification, ‘Advanced Eco Certified’ since 1998 and as a result been awarded a ‘Green Travel Leader’ by Eco Tourism Australia one of only 66 businesses in Australia, recognising over 10 years of continued sustainable business.

All tours and activities are certified at this level, keeping us at the forefront of sustainable tourism in Australia. Click HERE to read more about Ecotourism Australia

Advanced Eco Certification demonstrates our commitment to tourism excellence, with strong interpretation values and commitment to nature conservation whilst benefitting our local communities. Coupled with our long association with the Dolphin Research Institute enforces our commitment to animal and environmental preservation, protection and research. Our commitment to the Dolphin Research Institute has seen us making financial contributions and also aid in facilitating over 5000 junior ambassadors in the ‘IseeIcare’ school program, creating environmental leaders for the future Click HERE to read more about The Dolphin Research Institute.

Carbon Neutral

Moonraker Dolphin Swims has committed to being a Carbon Neutral company since July 2012. Engaging the services of ‘Carbon Neutral’ to audit our fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions and offset 100% of our CO2 emissions on a yearly basis to local Australian Project.

Our policy is to be as energy efficient as we can in order to reduce our CO2 emissions from fossil fuel. Carbon Neutrals annual audit and management plan allows us to offset any unavoidable CO2 emissions through certified carbon reduction units on 100% Australian projects. Our tours operate in the challenging marine environment, visiting some of the most pristine locations in Victoria, we strive to have minimal impact on the areas we operate and the animal we interact with.

Greenhouse gas emissions are produced when we burn fossil fuels for electricity and transportation. Increased concentrations of greenhouse gasses are responsible for climate change.

Visitor Use Fees

We collect a visitor use fee of $2.50 per passenger/day on behalf of Parks Victoria. This fee is absorbed into the ticket price of our tours, and is used to cover the Government management, research and compliance costs associated with in this industry.

Operators are required, under their license, to adhere to stringent regulations and must provide a report to Parks Victoria and DELWP regarding daily activities. This report includes information such as tour start and finish times, the location of dolphin swims and approaches, the number of dolphins sighted, other wildlife encountered, the amount of people interacting etc.

Research – The Dolphin Research Institute, Park Victoria and DEWLP manage research permits and activities conducted around the marine life here in Port Phillip Bay.

Compliance – DEWLP regularly engages in covert observations across all operators to ensure license conditions are being adhered to and operators are conducting their tours in accordance with the regulations.

Australian Fur Seal and Bottlenose Dolphins are protected within all Australian waters. In a sustained effort to help the plight of the species Marine Mammal Permits restrict operators regarding the number of approaches allowed, while dictating permissible proximity to the animals and numbers of people permitted to enter the water with dolphins, along with many more regulations ensuring disturbance is minimised.

Restrictions are also in place regarding approach distances and angles, if calves (babies) are present, protected locations, unnecessary noise and methods of entry to the water to ensure the animals have a choice whether or not to interact.

Marine Parks

We are lucky enough to have some of the most unique protected marine parks within Port Phillip Bay, Popes Eye Marine Park, Port Phillip Heads Marine Park and Portsea Hole Marine Park are some of the parks we visit on our tours. They house a huge variety of fish, invertebrates, weedy sea dragons, soft corals and sponges along with a wide variety of sea birds.

For more information on what you can and can’t do in Victorian Marine and National Parks click HERE.

All park fees are included in tour prices.

Traditional Owners

Moonraker Dolphin Swims acknowledges and respects the traditional owners of the ancestral lands of the Mornington Peninsula and Port Phillip Bay. We acknowledge elders past and present and we respect the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal peoples to country.

The traditional Aboriginal custodians of the lands and seas of the Mornington Peninsula and its waters are the Boon Wurrung People.

For more information on Boon Wurrung heritage and culture follow this link.