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Moonraker Dolphin Swims showcases nature’s ocean classroom in Port Phillip Bay with a variety of above and below water activities suited to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and other specialty education groups.

Students are encouraged to get involved and to learn through participation in a variety of ways. Led by qualified guides, instructors and biologists we ensure that, no matter which tour option is chosen, students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of our local marine environment whilst increasing their own personal skills and confidence.

• Interact in small groups or as a whole class.
• Engage in a variety of physical activities enhancing water safety skills and developing confidence in and around water.
• Build on knowledge and understanding through interpretation and hands on experience.

To make an enquiry please Contact Us, or send an email to with your requirements, dates and student numbers and what activities or curriculum you are interested in!


Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image

Dolphins, Seals and Schools Marine Park

Three hours of education, fun and a variety of snorkel locations!

Students develop safe snorkeling skills and learn about the resident Seals, Dolphins and Weedy Sea Dragons along with other local marine flora and fauna above and below the water. Students will have a variety of interpretive sessions with guides and onboard scientists learning how to identify both native and introduced species along with understanding current regulations and threats.

Dolphins and Seals Schools Snorkel

Learn about the importance of protection and preservation of our unique Dolphin and Seal populations in this two hour tour, all whilst developing and improving knowledge, skills and in-water confidence.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in interpretive discussions and activities with qualifies guides and scientists.

Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image
Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image

Seals and Schools Marine Park

Two hours of skill and knowledge development, learning about and interacting with Australian Fur Seals and learning about the importance of our Marine Parks, whilst identifying the animals and plants within, above and below the water.

Invasive/Introduced Species Discovery Schools Snorkel

Students will gain knowledge of the history of introduction of these species into our local marine environment in this two hour experience, along with their impacts on native ecosystems.

Students will also gain the skills required to identify each of the most commonly seen and often misidentified species.

Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image
Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image

Off The Beach Snorkel

Students explore the rich and diverse waters of southern Port Phillip Bay through a two hour guided educational activity in pre selected areas rich in unique flora and flora. With a clever blend of fun, adventure and education we can tailor the snorkel to suit your students requirements.

Wildlife Sightsee Tours

As one, one and a half, or two hour experience, explore Port Phillip Bay from the surface and explore the diverse variety of native marine life and our rich history. A cruise along Point Nepean reveals the historic Quarantine Station, Fort Nepean and The Rip, visiting seals, dolphins, sea birds and a variety of marine landmarks.

This tour can be tailored to match students’ current learning programs and to provide interpretation and education across a wide range of topics.

Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image

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Moonraker Dolphin and Seal Swims Schools Square Image