About Us

Sandy Mackinnon and her daughter Torie Mackinnon have been operating Moonraker Dolphin Swims from Sorrento Pier on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula since September 1990. Now they are celebrating over 22 years of success which can be attributed to the total commitment towards providing outstanding customer service and genuine enthusiasm and passion for the resident Dolphins and Seals and the unique environment here in southern Port Phillip Bay.

Sandy Mackinnon is the original proprietor of the company. Sandy has had experience in the Marine Tourism industry since the mid 1970’s, establishing a regional Aquarium attraction and fostering the development of Victoria’s largest eco tourism Dolphin Swimming business. Sandy has also been involved in the design and construction of the flag ship vessel ‘Moonraker’ and the purchase of the second small group tour vessel in December 2010.

Torie Mackinnon is the company’s Managing Director and the driving force and face behind Moonraker Dolphin Swims. Growing up in Sorrento and continuing her passion for the Marine Environment, she now shares her knowledge and passion for the water and its inhabitants with guests on board the cruises and tours operated. Whilst adhering to the company’s original philosophies, Torie has continued to grow the business by investing in an additional tour vessel enabling the company to offer smaller personalised tours with a strong educational focus on the local marine environment.

Torie and her team share a strong commitment to sustainable environmental tourism, demonstrating this by holding Australia’s Highest level of eco tourism certification since 1998 and donating a percentage of proceeds from each eco-cruise ticket sale to fund important research and protection projects on the local seal and dolphin population.